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Dear Client / Partner,

We hereby inform you that Mr. Ian Buck, previously known as Ian Buckhoreelall, is no longer part of the activities or administrative operations of Maison Déco Ltd.

Mr. Ian Buck, as well as his father, Mr. Rajen Buckhoreelall, also known as Kris Buckoreelall, who for his part retired from the business of the company in March 2018, are therefore no longer the representatives of the Schmidt, Cuisinella and Château d brands. 'Ax in Mauritius.

Our team sends them our best wishes for success in their future engagements.

Maison Déco Ltd is re-inventing itself to refocus its customers at the heart of their aspirations.

A restructuring within the company reinforces this commitment to better support you in your projects.

We strongly invite you to visit our showroom in Beau Bassin, rue Vandermeersch (Tel: 464 2600), to discover the latest trends in the kitchens, storage and bathrooms that we offer or to contact one of our designers / sellers. :

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  • Cedric Danton
  • Kevin Beesoondoyal
  • Priscilla Leung-Tack
  • Rahul banydeen 

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For more than a year now, our team has been paying particular attention to your needs and deploying even more resources through targeted campaigns to bring your projects to life.

Together, we want to support you in the realization of your custom-made layout.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Best regards,

Avinash buldawa
Chief Executive Officer