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The elegantly minimalist bespoke units designed by Schmidt offer plenty of exposed and secret storage spaces. The storage units are mostly made from premium melamine and can include a warm wood touch combined with a sleek matte color or a light feel with clear glass. Perfectly suited to living rooms and dining rooms, wall bookcases and dressers with strong geometric shapes do not need feet and therefore appear to float in the air. TV stands are the perfect opportunity to create an intelligent and unstructured look with a mix of colors and contrasting materials. Sideboards are a living room staple and can be designed with rounded corners or sharp edges softened with graphic patterns.

What could be better than a selection of low furniture of different heights to create a comfortable space to relax, with a coffee table and comfortable armchairs? These solutions are available in many different styles, including Scandinavian, Contemporary and Design, and can be lined up along a straight wall or in a corner, with boxes left open or topped with a colorful selection of facades, spacious compartments with hinged doors and generously dimensioned recesses. Small spaces haven't been overlooked either, as extra tall cabinets and wall units are also available.


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