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Prestigious materials, advanced technologies, elegant finishes, clean designs and minimalist lines are just some of the keywords that best describe the designer kitchens created by our stylists. These fitted kitchens draw their inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including penthouse apartments, beachfront villas, American lofts, and artist studios. The center kitchen island easily doubles as a standing dining table, while the surrounding decorative units are packed with clever storage solutions. The refrigerator is tastefully tucked behind a custom front, and a chic three-in-one column includes an oven, microwave, and dishwasher. The wall-mounted storage modules in the bespoke kitchen design cleverly feature LED lighting systems, while the sensually curved extractor hoods soften the sharp corners.

Adding designer furniture like a bookcase with open sections or a TV cabinet with sliding doors will turn your kitchen design ideas into a stylish living room where friends and family will enjoy spending time together and trying out the latest in. culinary. At dinner time, your guests can gather around your ultra-trendy designer table with its personalized dimensions, legs and materials. Take the time to choose one of our stylish and comfortable chairs to complement your dining table, such as our beech models with rounded backs and our timelessly fashionable monocoque chairs.


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