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Zen-inspired bathrooms

Zen-inspired bespoke bathrooms

You can be assured of a relaxed atmosphere with our collection of Zen-inspired bathroom cabinets and vanities, which add to our already extensive line of contemporary fitted kitchens to the delight of all of our customers. All the benefits of our bespoke solutions also apply to all storage units and bathroom cabinets. The dimensions (height, width and depth) will match your specifications with millimeter precision. Take a look at our full selection of favorite materials, including the premium matte or glossy synthetic resin for your sink, and countless colors with a natural or lacquer finish for the fully water resistant storage units. moisture and splash.

Whatever your personal taste, from rounded organic shapes to precision geometric lines, our bathrooms are not just a haven of peace and tranquility, but a gold mine of storage solutions. smart. Single and double basin countertops are designed to the desired dimensions and even have integrated towel rails. Different styles of tubs are available, including understated rectangular designs and cocoon-shaped models which are the perfect ticket to kick back and relax. The drawers of our storage solutions are enhanced with slim stainless steel handles. When choosing your must-have mirror, succumb to the charm of a two-in-one model, that is to say a superb round or rectangular mirror with an efficient and refined LED lighting system.


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