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Designer bathrooms

Custom designer bathrooms

How about if we told you that your bathroom could be the next designer piece in your home? At Schmidt, we will ensure that your bathroom or shower room is at the same time beauty, pleasure and practicality. Need advice for the bathroom of your dreams? Confused about how to bring your old bathroom into the 21st century? You can count on us to custom design your bathroom with the perfect bathroom cabinets and vanities to fit your lifestyle.

With the advice of professional Schmidt designers, create a dreamy beautiful bathroom that will provide an endless source of pleasure with every use. Our bathrooms are designed and adapted to meet all your needs with a selection of the most trendy materials and colors.

Lacquered furniture, bright colors or a range of softer wood tones, a double sink or a sink built into the worktop, a whirlpool bath or a walk-in shower, smart storage solutions for the bathroom. bath… anything is possible, whatever the size of your room. All that's left is to breathe life into a bathroom where you'll just love the start and end of each day.


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